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I am particular, but I am not unreasonable. When you are paying that sort of money, you should be expecting perfection.

I bought a pair of new logo of Gucci sandals in Gucci Westfield Sydney on 31-01-2016.

Wore them on the 07-01-2016 for shopping. Sore feet after half hour but have no choice as on the street. After home (2 hours later), my feet got worse due to the buckles and the weight of the sandals.

Back to Gucci today (08-01-2016), asked if they can do something for me. The answers were "No, No" from the customers service and the manager (after I got the shxx from the customer service and asked to see the manager). They said "You have wore them. I am not doctor, I don't know if the sore of your feet caused by the shoes. I did not forced you to buy the products, that's your choice......" I told her "unfortunately today is my doctor's day off, if not I will go to see him to get a doctor certificate".

They were so rude.... What a customer service.

When I asked "what is your after sales service?" The manager said they have no problem and no complaint from other customer only me. I said "may be there is my feet's problem not the shoes. But when I wear them, I have sore feet." Another man said, how about when you walk on the carpet? I told "do you think when you wear shoes only walk on the carpet and not walk out on the street?" Very *** and silly question.

The customer service also mentioned that the Gucci made the products, would not tested that nobody has problem. I asked to see manager. At least 10 minutes, the manager came out talked to me, she said the Gucci has been tested all product to make sure everybody has no problem when wear them. The answers they both gave were so terrible. I am wandering do they know "What is customer service and customer satisfaction?" I did not asked for anything such as refund. They said "No,no,no, you wore them, that's your problem, your choice... No one force you to buy....'. Yes, I know I have wore them eventhough only two hours. I just asked "can Gucci do anything for the shoes as my feet sore after wore them. Can't they check their new product if the customer complained?"

At the end, they asked my contact number, took photos and the code of the shoes to send to Gucci in Italy. Ask them to check the products. But they packed my shoes back in the box, asked me to take home. I don't know how are they going to check the product if the shoes are with me? I have not idea. But anyhow, this is my first and the last with Gucci. No more Gucci....

Years ago, I wore a new pair of high heels on the street and my feet bleeding. The shop credited back to me without doubt and question.

I am L V fans. I have a good experience with them as the scarf I bought has problem. They checked and exchanged immediately with no issues. What's wrong with Gucci? Because I am not Chinese? Not tourist from overseas? The manager definitely is Chinese. And the customer service also either Indonesian or philipino. Racism? Jealousy? No cooling period for purchasing a product?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of management and poor customer service and poor quality. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "terrible customer service and product" of gucci shoes and associated monetary loss in the amount of $765. Gucci needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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